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When looking for specialty vehicle insurance for your car, it is important to realize that not all insurance companies are created equal. A few minutes getting a quote can save you a ton of money. Usually for specialty vehicles, the best rate(cheapest) comes from the following companies:

These four companies will have the best rate for you in 99% of the cases. If you are stressed for time, you can limit your search to just Geico and Esurance, since these two companies are usually the ones that offer the best rate.

If you are wondering what cars are included under specialty vehicles, the answer is as follows: Classic Cars(your Chevelles and Camaros), Street Rods, Kit Cars(Lotus 7, Cobra replicas), Antique Cars and Pickups(model Ts etc), Modified and Custom cars and motorcycle.

In most cases, specialized vehicles insurance policies require to have a lower mileage allotment. Usually it's close to 5,000 miles. And let's face it, if you own a mint condition, low mileage Chevelle SS...driving it more than 5,000 miles a year is a crime against nature.

For specialty vehicles it's a very good idea to get full coverage. You spent a lot of money on that car, the last thing you want to happen, is for it to go up in smoke. Most insurance companies require that you have a 2nd vehicle which you are supposed to drive to work etc.